Finkenbach Festival 1994: Klaus Rottensteiner's Body Art

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Finkenbach Festival 1994: with Klaus Rottensteiner's Body Art feat. 23rd Peter and Katrin of WINF Art Collective with Lisa Bremer and Andrea Rottensteiner. Recorded and edited by Mediengruppe Schrägspur in 1994 as part of a planned festival documentary, that finally never was released. The performing artists decided to publish this clip with their performance in memory of the late Klaus Rottensteiner. Brought to you in 2011 by PONKOFF MUSIC, the original kraichgau underground sound distributor since 1989. We have a label page on facebook: We strongly encourage you to follow us there to stay tuned with more documentary stuff from the kraichgau underground and with the latest wicked tunes from kraichgau underground artists.

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