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Jefferson Airplane's diamonds performed at Woodstock, on 17th August 1969 .

"Somebody to Love", written by Darby Slick and "White rabbit", written by Grace Slick.

It was back in the year 2008. I had just started listening to Jefferson Airplane. I had looked them up due to a reference John Densmore does in his book "Riders on the storm" to the song "White rabbit"; I was very impressed by the lyrics and...well, the rest is history I guess :)
Searching through youtube, I found this very video that I have posted here. Sadly, it was taken down shortly after that, probably due to copyright issues and shit. So, I decided to upload it and make it available for everyone again.

Jefferson Airplane's performance of these two songs is included in a film called "Woodstock:The Director's Cut" by Michael Wadleigh.

"Good mornin',people!"

Really digging: Jack's outfit and groovy headbanging, Spencer's hat and badass drumming, Marty's voice, sideburns and tambourine, Jorma's playing and crazy hair, Paul's headband and vocals (well on other songs :p) and Grace's eyes, barefootness (lol) and of course her unbelievably amazing voice.

Love Jefferson Airplane's spirit.

Go ride the music people and enjoy!

Edit: I have posted the lyrics in the subtitles area. I think it's helpful! Enjoy everyone!

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