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It was three days of mud, drugs, traffic jams, and overflowing toilets. And, yeah, a little peace, love, and legendary music. The 1969 Woodstock festival remains one of the most iconic events in music history. Yet, as the decades pass, those who were there start to see it all through rose-colored glasses. But that doesn't mean that the festival was all dancing, holding hands, and daisy crowns. These are some of the messed up things that happened at Woodstock...

Bathroom line | 0:29
Let there be granola | 0:50
It wasn't supposed to be free | 1:27
What a trip | 2:09
The hippie-pocalypse | 2:47
The Grateful Dead | 3:16
Peace and violence | 3:42
Put some shoes on, hippie | 4:03

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